Engagement and Recruitment


We take a boutique approach to our clients with a high level of personalization and commitment. Our first steps start with evaluating the needs of our clients. From there, we develop a customized plan and we act on it.

Very Quick Cleaning and Staffing LLC has a team of  leaders that can engage properties for task force work, urgent needs, emergencies, uncertain times, task force leadership. No job to big,small,long or complicated.  We are dedicated to challenges. Specializing in all your cleaning needs.


Very Quick Cleaning and Staffing LLC has expertise and resources to provide skilled cleaners. At VQ we are dedicated… to provide innovative and effective training… to the highest cleaning standards. We pay our team a higher wage,to ensure our team is as invested in your facility as you are.

An VQ Senior Consultant stays at the establishment for a period of 3 days and conducts a full hands on training. With the Team member(s) that have been selected for your location. With no extra charge to the establishment. 

 The Consultant coaches and mentors the Team member(s) through demonstration, giving tools, skills and guidance to improve the operation.

 Once complete, the Consultant prepares a report and places it in the file (s) of each employee to customize an action plan for the growth of the individual. 

Also working closely with those that may lack the appropriate attention to detail qualities.

If needed after 4 days, the Consultant will remove the employee(s) if the skills sets before him/her are being harder to achieve.  Placing the employee on a 5 day hold to further train at our facility, and or find a placement that better fits the needs of each individual.

Building employees for their future is a strong part of Very Quick Cleaning and Staffing LLC commitment to the individual that choose our staffing company over 100s of others. Our direct goals comes in two folds. Serving our clients with the highest, level of cleanliness and respects. As well as building Housekeeping Leaders for our tomorrow's.