About Us

Combining luxury, professional excellence, and a focus on providing quality detailed cleaning. Giving clients,homes or work environment .– exactly the cleaning it needs. Rather its 1 time,1 day or a recurring service that you need.


Very Quick Cleaning and Staffing LLC

Founder La'Tasha Lewis Henderson was frustrated with the lack of quality cleaning services provided,She had seen over the years.

The lack of dedication and knowledgeable skills individuals had in the Housekeeping environment saddened her.  Her late mothers disability was blindness. La'Tasha vowed to do right by others in fate that the same quality cleaning she issued out,the many individuals that crossed paths with her mother would do the same.


She knew that not only could cleaning be done with excellence, but that with the right company, it could be a learned and respected profession. So she set on a mission – to create the dream cleaning service for both the customer and the employees.  Her creation, started in 2012 when she founded Victoria Queen Cleaning,serving resdential homes, across Arkansas,dusting, mopping, and vacuuming.  Ever sense the beginning she's been leading the way by mentoring and focusing solely on cleanliness ,healthness and safeness.